This Health Promotion Programs site is a project of Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC). The goal of the site is to share our health promotion tools and resources with parents, educators, and community organizations who are seeking innovative interventions to address some of the biggest challenges in adolescent health.

The online tools and resources on this site are founded on decades of research on adolescent health and risk behaviors. This work draws on strategies that:

  • Recognize the importance of parents in influencing and supporting healthy youth behaviors
  • Involve target audiences and community advisory groups to inform the development of tools that are relevant and appropriate for diverse populations
  • Are highly engaging, portraying dramatic true-to-life situations and modeling positive communication and behavioral skills
  • Are convenient and easily accessible for parent populations with limited time or availability.

For more information about EDC, visit http://www.edc.org/about.

EDC Health Promotion Programs

These programs were developed by the Health and Human Development Division at Education Development Center, Inc.