Keeping Our Families Healthy
How Your Family Can Live a Healthier Lifestyle

What should you do if your teen is putting on weight, spending too much time in front of screens, or worrying about how they look? How can you get your family to eat well and exercise when faced with other life stresses? All parents want their kids to be healthy and feel good about themselves. The stories in Keeping Our Families Healthy can help you support your young teen to make healthy choices that will last a lifetime.

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Almost one in three children in America are overweight or obese. Changing family habits can help keep kids strong, active, and feeling good about themselves.

It can help:

Whether you are concerned about your child’s health or just want your family to have a more active lifestyle, Keeping Our Families Healthy can help in a way that is sensitive to teens’ changing bodies and emotions.

Click below for true-to-life stories of parents and their teens.

It's not a family reunion without pie!

While attending a family celebration, Monique struggles to find healthy food options. Why is she being so careful instead of just enjoying the party?

Oooh, I love cheese crunchies

Monique is grocery shopping with her children, who are not thrilled about the family's new healthy diet. Follow Monique as she learns how to read the nutrition labels on packages and choose healthier snack options.

So, why are you skipping gym?

Shauna has been skipping gym class, and her mother Danielle finds out why.

But you buy the soda and chips!

Derick and his Grandma love to snack, but agree to start buying healthier options at the grocery store.

I don't like playing ball with them

Eddie's nephew Derick suddenly doesn't want to play basketball anymore. Can Eddie help Derick regain his confidence to play with the high school team?

Come on, we're cooking tonight!

Jamal and his two children try to cook a healthy dinner. Despite a setbacks, the family gets creative to put together a tasty and healthy meal.

I know you love to dance!

Danielle surprises her daughter with a new video game console. However, she still found a way to make sure the new toy involves some physical activity.

Just think before you order

Eddie got a promotion! He and his family go out to eat to celebrate - but finds out his son Derick already ate dinner at a less healthy restaurant with friends. How should Eddie react?

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