Voices Against Violence
Helping Students, Parents, and School Staff Speak Up

No community is safe from the devastating effects of bullying and school violence—but you can learn to prevent these threats.One of the most powerful steps a school community can take to prevent violence is to teach young people and adults to be active bystanders who take positive steps when conflict arises. Voices Against Violence contains five dramatic video stories about bystanders who must decide how to respond in potentially dangerous situations. As the action as it unfolds, you’ll explore how bystanders can make good decisions about the risks and responsibilities of stepping in.

Voices Against Violence title photo
When school violence occurs, one of the first questions asked is “Why didn’t someone do something to stop it?”

It can help:

It’s not always clear what bystanders should do when faced with violent or potentially violent situations. Voices Against Violence can guide youth and adults on how to intervene safely and effectively.

Click on a story below to see how bystanders can prevent violence and bullying.

Voices Against Violence was developed with funding by Grant Number R49/CCR218598 from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in conjunction with Columbia University Center for Youth Violence Prevention Mailman School of Public Health. Copyright © 2004 Education Development Center.

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