When Cyberbullying Hits Home
How to Guide Your Children to Keep Safe Online

What should you do if you realize your child’s friend is being cyberbullied? What if you find out your own child is a victim?Cyberbullying can happen 24/7 any place your child goes online, and the effects can be devastating. But there is lot you can do to protect your child and teach them to use the internet responsibly. When Cyberbullying Hits Home contains six interactive scenarios that take you through true-to-life situations youth face online. Click on a scenario to hear difficult conversations between parents and youth, choose the paths they should take, and see how families like yours tackle the challenges of the digital world.

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“If we can get kids to be thoughtful about making decisions about what they post online, then we’ve done a good job as parents and educators.” – Jon Mattleman, Director, Needham Youth Services, Massachusetts

It can help:

Whether your child is involved in cyberbullying or you are simply struggling with how to manage your child’s use of social media, these interactive scenarios can help.

Click on a scenario to explore how families deal with challenges of social media and cyberbullying.

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