When Dangers Become Real
How to Prevent Drinking, Driving, and Other Dangers

Your teen is growing up, and all too soon, the dangers of drinking, driving, and drinking and driving become real. How can you help your teen stay safe when learning to drive and faced with pressures to drink or use marijuana? What can you do to prevent distractions from mobile phones? When Dangers Become Real presents true-to-life situations that parents of new teen drivers face. Hear parents like you turn challenges into opportunities to keep their children safe.

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“Loved it! My son (16 ½ years) and I listened together and it generated great conversation between us. This was an extremely valuable learning tool!”

It Works:

Families that listened to When Dangers Become Real were more likely to talk together about drinking and driving, and their teens were less likely to report recent alcohol use and binge drinking.

Click below for true-to-life stories of parents and their teens.

1 - You're calling from where?

Robert and Janet receive a call from their son Brad, who confesses he secretly attended a party that was broken up by the police. How will Robert and Janet react?

2 - You just got your license

After witnessing his daughter Marissa speeding up for a yellow light, Juan realizes he needs to be a better role model with his own driving.

3 - Did you drink as a teen?

Robert reflects on his past experiences with alcohol, and shares with his family some stories about the consequences of irresponsible drinking.

4 - Wait, who's driving you?

Leah tells her parents that Dylan, a boy from school, is driving her to a game. How can her parents let Leah know they feel uncomfortable with the situation?

5 - You smell like marijuana

Corey comes home from school, and he smells like pot. Will his mother believe him when he insists he didn't smoke any himself?

6 - They couldn't wake her up

Marissa finds out that her friend is in the hospital after drinking too much at a party. How can Marissa's mother make sure this doesn't happen to her daughter?

7 - I can never use the car!

Corey got a speeding ticket! His mother suggests it might be time to draft a Parent-Teen Driving Contract.

8 - But, you let me have a sip

Leah's been allowed to drink wine at a family gathering in the past. Can her parents explain the difference between some drinking in a controlled environment versus drinking with friends?

9 - It's called "Social Hosting"

Andrea and Janet discuss how some parents allow their children to drink with friends while they are home - called "social hosting." Is this situation ok?

When Dangers Become Real was developed with funding by Grant Number 5R21AA017970-01 from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Copyright © 2011 Education Development Center.

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